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Big genuine smiles, tears from the girls (AND the boys!), laughter, silliness, elegance, beauty, intimacy. The venue is absolutely stunning, the weather was prime. And okay - the couple is maybe, sort-of gorgeous. ;) When everything just goes right, the day goes smoothly, and you can bask in all the blessings - that was this day. Amy and Jordan, I want to wish you both a lifetime of "basking". 


Young love. Think back to the first time your heart trembled for someone. Most of our memories will venture back into our school days - a first glance, an embarrassing line, a gentle touch, our first kiss. Some may even go back as far as the swings and the sandbox. It's hard to acknowledge all the times those hearts flutter sank. But this couple is the perfect demonstration of young love conquering through hardships, "a friendship, that deepened into love, and that that love deepening into commitment". For all those, who's friendships and first loves budded into forever companionship, this one's for you!


Rick and Emily, your day was filled with so much support from your loved ones, joy despite the chilly Canadian wind, peace amongst the wedding jitters, and OBVIOUS obvious love between the two of you. Your ceremony was incredibly personal, which is why I had a hard time cutting it down ;) I love that.


Not to mention - I don't know any girl who wouldn't love to be looked at, the way, Rick, you look at Emily!


Three of my favourite wedding characteristics are "chill", "outdoorsy", with an "indie" feel. Oh, this wedding was just that. Edison bulbs lining a barnyard wedding, with hints of eucalyptus as the breeze tossed her veil. Not to mention, Christian hearts and personal vows that make you melt inside.

Sierra and Josh, you did it right! Congratulations you two.


"Heather was really just our youngest brother. And honestly, I'm not even sure we knew she was our sister until she was 12 years old, and had to keep her shirt on for shirts and skins". Straight from the heart from her four older brothers.


Such a big congratulations to you, Heather and Troy! Wishing God's best on you as you dance through married life with eachother by your side :)


The bridesmaids doll-ing up to highschool throw-backs, the groomsmen clinking their pints with jokes and cufflinks up their sleeves, the mustard seed blooms whisping away her veil, the transcendent freedom of every dancing heel.

Evalyn and Steven, wishing you many more moments of "eeeee" (6:44) with excitement, (9:52)'s of joy, and MANY MORE opportunities to (10:25) across the dancefloor! 


When your clients are your day-to-day dear friends, you have such a greater advantage in not only experiencing the happiest day of their lives with them, but knowing their hearts when you tell their story!

Shawn and Tiff compliment each other so well! With Shawn's sensible level-head, and Tiff's bubbly, excitable wild side, it's a beautiful paradox to see these two thrive together! Both of them are so full of life! They make the most of everything they do, and their wedding was no different!


It was pretty funny the first time we heard from this adorable couple. When they asked us to film their wedding, we replied  "We'd love to!" on a Tuesday afternoon. "When are you getting married?" .... "This weekend! You free?" Sure enough, we were!

And we were so glad we were able to, as this is still one of my most favourite wedding films to this day. You know when just everything comes together? That was Kayla and Jamie's wedding :)


On the surface, wedding after wedding may feel the same to the average viewer. But what a JOY it is to discover those hidden themes underlying within each couple and each story! 

Victoria and Josh's Day was so rich in both joy and tears! Seeing Victoria's overflowing love, for the three men who mean EVERYTHING to her, was such a strong theme that couldn't be ignored! This was by far one of the most emotional films we've created, tugging at our heart-strings. Such a privilege to capture this continual story of Victoria and Josh!


Coasting down the country roads, a breeze of nostalgia swept over the fields, as my roots had grown deep in Norfolk. It's a joy, when you can visit your home to film a beautiful couple centred around Christ, in an old country barn :) 

Beth nailed her Pinterest-inspired wedding, with her mom's shabby-chic tea room for the girl's to powder their noses, the white wooden benches cooled by the early breeze leading every eye to the altar, the edison bulbs lining the evening barn, as the Bride and Groom raced down the Sparkler send-off, hand-in-hand. A wedding every country girl dreams of. 


Winter weddings in Canada are always a little nerve-wracking when you can't predict the weather! And this day happened to be oh-so-cold! 

But you would never know this group of smiling, giggly jokesters were freezing their bouquets off in this icy, rainy, windy March day! 

It's true what they say - this is the happiest day of your life. Such a huge congratulations to this laid-back, happy couple, that made this cold day warm with laughter.


A little math equation for the doctor and the engineer:

What does [Glamour & Gold] + [Pure Joy & Bliss] + [Family + Friends x Infinite Support] + [Two lovebirds x happily ever after] x [a 3-Day Wedding Celebration] divided by [a 4-Minute Wedding Film] equal? 

You guessed it! Fatema + Hasnain's colourful, happy, energetic, THREE DAY wedding! Congratulations to this fun-filled couple who gave us a great experience into their culture! 


Who knew my little second cousin (who's not so little anymore) would whisk away a beautiful New York girl, to a little country orchard and marry her :)

Although this farmer grew up with me in a little town in Norfolk county, he spread his wings across the continent to find this sweet, vivacious girl who compliments him perfectly with a spirit of joy, mischief, child-like freedom and Christ-like character! 

Congratulations Ryan & Tal! May your marriage create more blessings and adventures for many years to come!


The Kooy wedding was so rich in content - fun, exciting, sentimental, sweet - that many videos were a result of this beautiful day. The ceremony, the House, the Reception, the sunset "Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth" moment!

Here is a joy-filled highlight video of Megan and Evan's barn reception.

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